Version 1.0.3Edit

New Winter Theme!

  • Give your base a frosty new feel with the new winter theme!
  • Get the new theme for a limited time offer of 1 medal!

Game Improvements

  • Donating troops is now rewarded with blue alliance tokens!
  • Two new campaigns added
  • Alliance Leaders have more promotion and demotion privileges!
  • Turrets have more range, damage and distance when appearing!
  • Troop request time decreased from 24 hours to 6 hours!
  • Option to skip the request time for medals!

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

  • Replays now show more accurate attacks
  • Revenging issues have been fixed
  • Performance have been optimised to perform better on older devices like the iPhone 4

Version 1.0.2Edit

World Wide Release 03/10/2014Edit