Base set up and attack strategies differ between level and player.

To allow for the best defenses in wars. Your motte is important. It allows two ways towards your HQ. Keep this in mind when creating a defense or attack strategy.

Here is a trick for all levels. Put engineer huts at each point of entrance. Place land mines around those huts. Now place defense structures at each corner of your HQs Motte. Making sure each defense covers the HQ and entrance, as well as reaches the place the troopers will be attacking your huts. This makes going for your HQ incredibly tough, and artillery strike will not damage all or your defensive structures.

As you get higher in level, adapt the layout. Make sure you spread all your buildings out along the edges of your map. And use a defensive structer to guard those buildings to allow casualtys as they try to gain bullets. Even if they get some resource buildings, once they reach the HQ motte. They will be finished off and or time will run out.

Good luck commanders.

Alpha Storm Commander