"Very slow movement and low health but has long range and high firepower"

The missile trooper is a high damage dealing troop that has long range and low health. Like the other missile types,it is slow. Due to its extremely low health,one should pair it with high health units. It is very vulnerable to mortars and AP mines due to low health. Also it's one of the most powerful units with high attack range and firepower.

General Troop InformationEdit

Damage Type Weakness Training Time Speed Attack Range XP from Donating
Area Mortar 10 min 45

LevelHQ RequiredHealthUpgrade Cost (Gold)
1 40 0
2 48 100000
3 58 200000
4 70 400000
5 85 700000
6 103 1000000
7 124 1500000
8 150 2000000
9 1813000000
10 218 4500000
11 264 6500000

LevelHQ RequiredDamage per secondUpgrade Cost (Gold)
1 6.2 0
2 7.0 100000
3 7.9 200000
4 9.0 400000
5 10.1 700000
6 11.5 1000000
7 12.9 1500000
8 14.9 2000000
9 16.5 3000000
10 18.7 4500000
11 21.1 6500000

Unit Size
LevelHQ RequiredUnit Size Upgrade Cost (Gold)
1 4 0
2 5 150000
3 6 350000
4 7 800000
5 8 1900000

=== Strategy One should pair this with a high health unit to protect it from attacks.Then scout for AP mines and destroy mortars.Now with the missile troopers behind the strongest unit,make them attack from behind the unit to avoid deaths taking place.Now you can dominate the battlefield.Avoid the other defences as well as they can kill the missile troopers with little effort.

==== Pro strategy Warning:This strategy is only advised for pros.Please turn back if you are not ready.

Summon a big boy,two vipers,one firestorm,and three missile troopers.Use your artillery to destroy mortars or SAMs.If there aren't any,attack other structures to ease your attack.Now use your firestorm take out AT guns.If you don't have it,use big boy as a meat shield while your units go barrage.When your big boy is almost dead,attack crucial towers for better results.Now use the vipers as a meat shield for missile troopers and attack!Now demolish the base.It is also advised you use the missile troopers to destroy the AT guns to prevent your meat shield from disappearing or your missile troopers will be left to rot and you will fail after unless you have backup.Avoid most defenses with the missile troopers as well as they can easily put down your missile troopers without a fight.

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